Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Brief Update

      I said I would keep up with this blog better but things have been quite busy since this past Fall. Several commissions, one being large made up of many smaller pieces. Once I had most of the commission work done I started working on building up an inventory during the Summer for art festivals in the Fall. I was in a comfortable position with my inventory level and then received a call asking if I could fill in for a cancelation of a show. I said yes but then found myself hustling to make enough artwork to fill the space. I already had about half the number needed (15 pieces) but it was still an effort to make the need amount in about a month, yes it was a short notice too (I was able to complete around ten more pieces, working up to the day I would begin to hang the show). The reception had a great turn-out and I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones.
     Now I am again hustling, trying to create enough artwork for two upcoming art events this Fall: Mecca Fest in Carrollton, Ga and Chiaha Festival in Rome, GA. I hope I am able to get enough work completed! After these two events I then need to focus on the Cotton Mill Farmers Market Holiday Gift Bazaar & Farmers Market located in Carrollton, GA. As the name implies it is an arts and crafts event with farmer's market goodies. I have not received an invite to this event yet but I don't doubt one will be in the mail sometime in the near future.
     So, back to work for me. If you are local to any of these events I hope to see you there!

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