Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It's also Books For Treats Day, Nat'l Caramel Apple Day, Nat'l Knock Knock Jokes Day, Nat'l Magic Day, Nat'l UNICEF Day, and Samhain

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mecca Fest & Busy

Mecca Fest art festival is over (a week ago) for this year. We had a decent turn out and sales were moderate for many. We were pleased with the sales we had. I met some cool artists, traded for some great art, and got a merit award to top it all off.
Now I'm busy making work for upcoming holiday season shows. I hope to remain sane, well, as sane as I am now.

Below, some images of my tent at Mecca Fest

Me getting questions about how to make one's artwork better.

Here's another view of the tent. That's Alfred on the easel (my critic).

My wife's panels helped the look of the tent immensely. I was a blasphemous nonbeliever at first. I couldn't picture what it would look like and I was unsure how stable it would be.
I think the panels helped me get that merit award I spoke of before.