Sunday, June 24, 2012

graphite on lokta paper, approx. 6x8 inches.
Seth Fitts, 2012

As I look at this drawing I think back to what was on my mind at the time. This image started off a a bit of an automatic drawing and then a dog figure began to take shape (I should note this drawing was worked on little by little while I would be waiting in the car while my wife went into a store or waiting for the dinner we ordered at a restaurant). As the drawing progressed I thought it would be interesting to blur the line between dog and wolf by giving the figure a mixture of features from both species. So, it is a dog or is it a wolf? I feel it is its own being. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I had this idea of a blue bear while gathering artwork to send to True North Gallery in South Hamilton, MA. I do not really know why blue. There are multiple reasons I suppose: blue is a spiritual color; blue can be symbolic of the sky or the waters; depending upon how dark the blue, it can represent the many days of night that occur in the far north; blue is also symbolic of cold or coolness.
Instead of painting an actual species of bear, for this image I was thinking of what is the essence of the animal. I was thinking of their mass and size, their shape, stance and the way they move. Then I tried not to think and let things happen. The results were children's bookish, of which I do not mind, and a bit sweeter looking than I had intended. I like it none the less.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Going to True North Gallery
 in South Hamilton, MA

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still Busy Times!

Things are still busy! I still have a few commissions to be finish. I have recently just taken one on that is to be rushed. I hope I can deliver!!! I am also working on smaller pieces and am about to send some work to True North Gallery in South Hamilton, MA. I am pleased to have another venue to show and sell my artwork. You know, to be so busy, I do not feel I am getting things done. 
I am also taking on the role of VP for the Carrollton Artist Guild (Carrollton, GA). That is if they vote for me!!!! I look forward to the next year with the Guild. Great ideas are being tossed around!
I addition to the Guild, I have agreed to be the VP for a local nonprofit organization, SCRAP Bin (again, if I am voted into the position!). SCRAP Bin is a Source for Community Recycled Artistic Products that encourages creative reuse. The organization collects donated materials from businesses, artists, and individuals and redistribute them at low cost to teachers, artists, students and the general public. By breathing new life into old objects, we reduce the amount of materials going to crowded landfills. 
SCRAP Bin is also attempting a world record with building the largest plastic bottle sculpture, this particular sculpture being a dragon. We are excited about this!!!
So, as I said, busy times!!!