Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doorway Warden

Hello! I thought to take some photos of the process of making Doorway Warden.
Hopefully I will think of a way to set up a camera, that's not in the way, and make a short film of the process of a future piece.

First I found an image in a magazine I liked. Instead of just cutting out the model, I envisioned her standing and so cut her out accordingly.
(I am working on illustration board)

After the clipping is glued and dried I applied Golden matte medium, let it dry, and started applying shadow to develop a light source.

I then start applying dark values blocking out the print from the magazine clipping.
After the dark values dry I start applying some light values.

A few glazes of color are applied to the highlights I applied on the dress.

Keep in mind I only envisioned her standing. From here I let intuition take over.
I painted out the pattern of the dress and added my own. I also decided the hair needed to be longer and drew in the hair adding highlights to give some form.

More highlights, adding the left arm and applying a glaze over the entire image to tie in what I have done so far. The skin of the model had become darker from the drawing and glazes of paint so I added white to lighten.

At this stage I draw in the arched doorway and other details (relying on intuition).

I again add highlights where I see fit.

I add glazes of color.
I also add my name and tone it down with glazes of color.

I continue applying glazes of color until I get to a point I like.


  1. Interesting process! Love the tree in the archway. Great touch!

  2. I'm so glad to have found this! I've been watching your work on DA and I am glad I get to see your process here :)

    The interesting thing is that your finished work is usually so delicate looking but the changes that happen from start to finish are quite drastic! When I paint I am often afraid to use bold strokes of color for fear of loosing the delicacy of the painting, though my teachers use to say that I just had to do it and deal with the painting as it developed.

    Well, before I start babbling, I'm glad to find your blog and to see more of your work :)