Monday, May 31, 2010

Drawing Demo- "Rabbit, Ready"

Hello all!
I have had several people request I create a demo. Since this is my first, I thought I would keep things simple and make sequential photos of the process.

For this piece, I am using a 9x12 inch heavyweight drawing paper made by the Bee Paper Company.

I start off with a sketch using Conte pastel pencil No. 7. After I draw the preliminary sketch, I smudge and smear with a paper towel and then brush on Golden matte medium.

Once the matte medium is dry, I then add highlights with an acrylic titanium white.

I choose a darker pencil, this time a B9 graphite pencil, and darken in shadowed areas.

I smudge,

apply another layer of matte medium and let dry. Note, at this point, I add more highlights with white acrylic paint.

I darken the shadowed areas more this time using a Conte Pierre Noir 2B pencil.
Apply matte medium.

I re-highlight where needed and apply more matte medium.

Lastly, I apply a glaze of Golden burnt umber acrylic over the entire drawing.
The multiple layers of matte medium and drawing media help give the image depth.
The final layer of glaze further adds to the depth and aids in creating atmosphere.

The final image scanned.
"Rabbit, Ready"


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'd love to see more demos , you have an outstanding way with traditional media, i`m in awe^^

  2. Thanks so much Seth!

    I would so love to take lessons from you *sniff* it's too bad I am so far away. This post really got me close to that wish :D

  3. Thanks for sharing this, it is very enlightening!

  4. What would be interesting is to hear your thought process, we don't really know why you do that and that with this demo.

  5. That is FANTASTIC!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Doesn't brushing on the matte medium smear the pastel work?

  7. @ Gnaws- Yes it does. The smearing varies according to the type of dry media and how much brushing I do.

  8. Very cool to see the process. It'd be fun to see a high speed video of this :D

  9. Thanks for sharing this, Seth!
    Can you please tell what this glaze you applied in the end is made of? It's probably an obvious thing, but I can't find a proper translation to my language.
    The same with Golden matte medium: is this like matte varnish or something different?